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Supraket Meshram - Blazer

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Professional Photographer - Cinematographer
Supraket - Hampi - Arms Wide Open

“For some perfect shots, there are no retakes…”

Starting out as a self-taught hobbyist, it was a natural progression to move into professional work.
Driven by wanderlust and a childlike curiosity to explore the world, I can perpetually be found with either of my (Canon’s of) Nikon or cell phone’s camera. Am an avid trekker and cyclist who loves visiting exotic locales to collide with fascinating cultures, people and wildlife across the globe. A true bird-watcher, somehow have fine-tuned myself to noticing unusual chirping sounds or spotting lesser known species.
Savours the food as if there’s no tomorrow.
Practices Vipassana, and have lived the life of a monk for few days.
Loves silence. At times, dwells in it.

What my clients say about me

Manoj Hadwale
Manoj Hadwale
Junnar Tourism Development Org.

The way that Supraket captured the natural moments with unique angles, our memories get remembered lifelong. His way of working is very innovative ans stylish one. We enjoyed a lot working with him.

Akash Mohimen
Akash Mohimen
Screenplay Writer

Supraket is always prompt in response to work. He’s a team player always see a work through to the best of his ability. His photography skills are exemplary, and he adds his rather unique perspective to the project.

Adwait Joshi
Adwait Joshi
Impulse Digital

The best thing about working with Supraket is that he very easily understands the style and space of the work that a particular client is expecting. This helps him deliver a product that is loved by the client and that too in a shorter time frame.

Vernon Noronha
Vernon Noronha
Singer - Songwriter

I’ve loved working with Supraket, that’s the main reason I recommend him to other artists and clients so that they can get something fresh, innovative and fun. The Last video i did with him was a Christmas Carol medley that i was singing on a terrace, i could think of nothing, since i had to concentrate on my bit. Supraket took the wheel and made sure it looked crisp and fun.

Ashwin Kothale
Co-founder, Quo Life Networks

Supraket a.k.a Super. Yes, that’s what I called him since we met. I was impressed with the depth of knowledge he possesses on Photography & Video making. Super did great job & delivering the project on time. Works hard and enjoys it along with great sense of understanding. Looking ahead with more work with Super!

Framing is life

Supraket currently freelances in Photography, Cinematography and Video Editing. Get in touch with him through various mediums below for any Photo and Video work.