Among the many professions, arts is one that many said could be practiced even during this lockdown due to the pandemic of Covid19 or Corona virus. Well, probably.
Photography as an art is versatile that ways. Obviously the subjects may not be what one desires, and are limited to what is available within the boundaries of ones residence.

The layman version of the theory goes like “Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world”. A small virus leak in China has brought the whole world to standstill. If you’re looking to understand the Butterfly Effect or the Chaos Theory, do so here.

With the lockdown into effect, everyone is confined to their respective homes, including house-maids. What does that lead us to? Doing all the home chores by self. Let’s face it, many homes in India’s urban areas have domestic help for the chores. Including mine. The result, I hardly did many of these chores. But with the maids gone temporarily from the home scene, we the residents are the ones ending up doing all the chores.

Some time ago I read a status update on my friends wall on Facebook, which let me quote exactly
I am living the American dream in India:
1. Clean your own home
2. Cook for yourself and clean your own dishes
3. Wear un-ironed clothes
4. Keep frozen veggies stocked for emergencies
Somehow it seems much harder here.

There has been a Whatsapp forward passing around, among many, which went something like this.

These are funny times. People are doing all of their home chores, and their maid is getting paid for it!

It’s funny! And true.

Anyway keeping all the patriarchal and privileged theories aside, the story is no different in my case. I have been doing lot of these chores ‘regularly’ since the lockdown, that I (should have but) hadn’t been doing on my own before that. Not that I had not done any of them EVER, just not frequently.

And while doing one of these chores is when that bulb above my head lit up. I’m a photographer, how about I click self portraits with artificial lighting, just the way I do it professionally for my clients? Practicing the art within the boundaries of my home.

And thus this photo series came into existence. I clicked myself doing these home chores. Namrata, my wife, did laugh at me for having such an idea but did support me in completing this. Specially having so much patience during the many retakes! Also, full confession, I didn’t do a lot of chores, hence won’t find a long list of photos here, just a tiny bit of what I actually did! There’s some bonus after the series, do check that.

This is exactly the time when I had the idea, and clicked the photo immediately

Of course Namrata was kind of getting furious because I should have finished doing the dishes about half an hour ago!

Next comes is line of keeping the floor clean. Broom and Mop. Jhaadu-Pocha for the desis.

Brooming the floor
Broom the floor

The edit of the floor-mopping photo may have been inspired from many action-thriller movies I have seen in these few weeks being locked up at home!

Mopping the floor
Mopping the floor

Looking at so-so-so many people through the social media coming forward to make use of the lockdown to prepare all the different kinds of food, I had been flying over the idea. I really should be learning to, but so far have been a sous-chef to my chef wife! Learning bit by bit about why certain ingredients are poured and certain aren’t, how to cut certain raw materials and how not to, what is healthy way to cook and what isn’t. And the next two photos represent my time at being the sous-chef.

Watermelon Slice
Watermelon Slice
Prepping the food
Grating the food

Yeah, prepping the food ready to be cooked. Ah, so many retakes for this picture because I kept missing the focus.

Washing and drying the clothes isn’t something I started doing during the lockdown period, but had been earlier as well. Though it was one of the chore I have been doing, so made it to this series!

Drying clothes
Drying clothes

Ohhhh, notice that dual lighting setup! Each side of my face lit up with a different colour!

Since we were talking about cleaning part at the beginning, how can cleaning of the fan be left behind? Here is another poster from a horror-thriller film – The fan is high!

Cleaning the fan
Cleaning the fan

And comes the last photo in the series of the household chores, ironing the clothes! Full disclosure, this photo was only clicked for this series. I haven’t really been ironing the clothes, and will just before the lockdown ends. Who needs ironed clothes during this period anyway!

Ironing Clothes
Ironing Clothes

The steaming hot iron! The sun blasting its heat behind me and the steam in the front. Sure clicking this photo was a real task, with the amount of retakes, and the amount of heat.

Coming to heat, how’s the weather treating you? Been couple of days that it was randomly getting unbearably hot here. With all the environment is changing due to less pollution and all, I wasn’t expecting it to snow here, but little less than usual heat Mumbai? Please?

Right, coming to the bonus I had mentioned at the start of this blog. Wondering what it could be? Let me give you a backstory of the next picture. My wife’s company was looking to create some marketing videos and were looking to hire my company’s services to create them. The next picture is exactly from the time she was briefing me about the requirements. Though of course, certain elements have been placed solely for the picture. Allow me to introduce you to the photo – Client Meeting!

Client Meeting
Client Meeting

And that concludes my photo series – Butterfly Effect, shot during the lockdown isolation period of Corona Virus, popularly known as Covid19.

To conclude, here are some photos I clicked during the lockdown period, of random subjects.

I hope each one of you is taking good care of your health. Stay indoor to keep yourself and everyone around you safe!

I shall rest my case here. Do comment below with your views on this photo-series. Anything I could have added to make this more interesting?
Would appreciate if you can share this blog among your friends and family.

Stay Super, Stay Simple!